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Whistler Grand Interior

Come home to a spacious retreat

Come home to soothing tropical lux tones specially designed for 3- to 5-bedroom, dual key units and penthouses or nordic accent tones for 1- to 2-bedroom premium + study units. Bask in abundant natural light in your living room, welcomed in through its modern glass panels. Feel the morning breeze and be greeted by a tranquil panorama above the streetscape. Luxurious finishes, fine craftsmanship and thoughtful spatial planning set the standard for every unit at Whistler Grand.

Life made simple with a smart home

Smart Home Gateway with Pan & Tilt Camera

• 1 unit provided
• Remote surveillance and control of camera via mobile app
• 2-way audio function allows users to communicate between home and mobile app
• Night vision capabilities for extra security
• Speaker siren for unauthorized door opening
• Video recording function

Smart voice assistant

• 1 unit provided
• Control smart home devices with voice
• Calendar reminder
• Provide information such as news and weather forecast
• Play music

Smart Digital lockset

• 1 unit provided
• Lock and unlock door via card, pin, key and mobile app

Smart door sensor

• 1 unit provided
• Monitor the opening of door for added security via mobile app

Smart Air Conditioner Control

• 2 units provided
• Power on and off air conditioner and control temperature via mobile app

Smart Lighting Control

• 2 units provided
• Control, automate and monitor your light via mobile ap

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